Describe a character from their own point of view

Since writing is supposed to be a large part of my life (since it’s my chosen career), I spend a lot of time thinking about it whereas I should be writing instead!

Over on (a blog that I definitely recommend), I saw a post in which the blogger described a character from their own point of view. I thought I would do something similar. I chose the character almost instantly because she was a creation of mine that developed over the course of one of the stories I was writing. By that I mean, she started as one thing, and as the story progressed, allowed herself to develop and even flourish almost naturally, as she lived and breathed. I’m quite proud of that.

My name is Celia Ashcroft, and before anything else, I am a mother.

I am literally a mother, in that I’m pregnant with my first child. I’m not sure whether I want a boy or a girl, I’d be happy either way because any child is a blessing from the One. My husband, Adam, would like a boy, but that’s only because he wants to carry on the name. Men are like that. Women are more concerned with houses and cooking and things… right?

But I suppose I have bigger concerns, because I’m also the mother of an organisation. Not to say I own it, or run it, no, I sustain it. They are knights, in a way. Defenders of the One. My husband is their leader, but who amongst them could cook them meals whenever they are home? Who would wash the blood from their armour but me? They are brave souls, yes, but I am all of their mothers, just as the One is all of their fathers. 

I suppose you could say I am married to a god.

There is one more thing you need to know about me. Yes, I cook and clean. Yes, I am pregnant. But that does not mean I won’t hunt you down if you ever do anything to hurt any of my children, natural or not. There are swords in my manor-house, many of them. Any of them would suffice. Let’s just say, I grew up on the streets of Blacksparrow Harbour. I can fight like the best of them. Just a warning.

Have a blessed day.


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