The Age of Information

The other night, I couldn’t sleep because I was too concerned with what actually made a venetian blind, venetian. I didn’t grab my phone to look it up, or the laptop (I was too comfortable to move) but this is a good example of how ideas like to run through my mind.

But what I really wanted to say, was just how easily I could have found out the history of a venetian blind. It’s quite scary to think that the internet, something we all take for granted, holds so much information. And it’s all for grabs. Nobody could ever understand all the information on the internet, not in one lifetime or a hundred. It makes you wonder how people ever coped before the internet was first invented. I suppose they read books, or went outdoors to talk and discover. It makes you wonder.

What lengths do people need to go to now the internet exists? Are we a different culture entirely now that all the information we’ll ever need can rest inside our palms? I don’t know. Just 6AM thoughts.


One thought on “The Age of Information

  1. You are quite right. I remember the days when we were on dialup, and when we moved to broadband it was an amazing development in technology.

    Its hard to think that information that once took a trip to the library to get the book that you needed, and then spend a further 20 minutes flicking through the encyclopaedia to find what you were looking for is now available in under 0.2 seconds thanks to Google is mind boggling.

    However what is even more amazing is to think is how on earth will we access information in 10 years time!

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