51 Completely Useless Facts About Myself

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would remind anybody reading this that I’m still here.

Here are 51 rather useless facts about me and my life!

1. My name is Lewis/Lew.

2. I’m currently working in a photo shop as an apprentice.

3. I’m 5 foot 5.

4. I have obsessions with Evanescence, Mass Effect and Lord of the Rings.

5. I eat a lot of pasta, chicken and rice.

6. I have a cat called Smudge.

The lovely lady herself.

7. I’m bad at maths but good at english.

8. I want to learn the piano at some point.

9. I call myself a writer, but I don’t do as much as writing as I should these days.

10. I’m a generally tidy person.

11. I can also be a very lazy person.

12. My favourite album is The Open Door by Evanescence.

13. My favourite book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

14. My favourite colour is dark red.

15. I want dogs, cats, ferrets, tortoises, a snake and a pig when I’m older.

16. Though I’m not really shy, I’m usually quiet unless around friends/family.

17. I used to be a massive clean-freak.

18. When I was a kid, I once told somebody that I wanted to be a penquin when I grew up.

19. I love PG Tips monkeys.

20. Monkeys are my favourite animals especially.

21. If I could own any Pokemon, it would be Wigglytuff.

22. I’m not as embarrassed as I should be about Fact #21.

23. I don’t understand, and probably never will, politics, the stock market and how money works.

24. I daydream ALL the time. In fact, you could say I live half-way in another (fictional) world. Does that make me mad?

25. My favourite film series is ‘Lord of the Rings‘ but my favourite movie is X-Men: First Class.

26. I have a younger sister and an older brother.

27. I still play RTS computer games.

28. I want to be fluent in another language: Spanish, Norwegian, or both.

29. I used to have nightmares every night as a kid. The worst one I ever had involved Tinky-Winky following my down a street.

30. My biggest fear is either heights or spiders.

31. When I chew, the bones in my jaw start to protrude quite strangely…

32. I can bend my hands and legs in really weird ways.

33. I can vibrate my eyes.

34. I’m learning to drive, and I’m surprisingly decent.

35. I once sang a solo in a musical in a theatre.

36. I’ve broken 80% of electrical items in my house at least once.

37. I once pushed a friend down a hill. The same friend nearly cut my finger off with scissors.

38. As a kid, I loved Thomas the Tank Engine and S-Club 7.

39. I once came second in a country-wide maths competition through ticking random boxes.

40. I want to visit Norway, Egypt, New York, Vietnam, Romania and many other places.

41. Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor.

42. I have the worst memory in the world.

43. I’m half english, a quarter irish and a quarter pakistan.

44. I rarely rush or run.

45. I’m absolutely useless at catching buses on time.

46. I actually suit my Scorpio stereotype.

47. In primary school, myself and a few others reckoned ourselves ghost-hunters.

48. Vegetables make me feel sick.

49. I once smelled Simone Simons from Epica.

50. I already know what I want my gravestone to say.

50. This is my favourite quote:

Time and place are nothing. Constructs of a feeble mortal mind attempting to categorize and understand the world around it. If you were one of the fortunate few, you would one day understand and accept this. However, you are not and you will not.”

If you managed to get through that, thanks!


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