The Hardest Road

Today I began my newest WIP, one of the stories set within the Sulrun world that I introduced in my last post. I think it’s my sixth or seventh ‘Chapter One’ of 2012, so the sixth or seventh time this year that I’ve started writing a story.

You could say that I’ve begun a very long journey.

Unlike those car journeys that you dread because you know you’ll need to answer the call of nature after an hour, this is a journey that can end at any time, but only by YOU the writer. It’s a difficult journey, progressed only by WORK, time, dedication and motivation. Since I have the concentration span of your average goldfish, the road is especially hard for me.

I don’t know if I’ll finish this particular story, or the next one, or the one after that. I want to finish it more than anything, and I’ll certainly try, but even if I don’t reach the end of the road, I won’t complain because I will have hopefully gained a little more experience and skill from my short wander along it. All I can say is wish me luck!


The picture there is a perfect summation of the topic. The road might seem long and arduous, but there certainly is something truly great at the end of it. You just have to keep on moving with the hope that you will one day hold that finished tome in your keyboard-beaten hands.


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