The Results Are In

Today was the results day for A-Level students across the country.

I earned myself a handy A in English Language, a B in English Literature and a C in Classics. I’m really happy with the A, really surprised with the B, and unsurprised about the C. I could have done a lot better in Classics had I actually put more effort and attention into it. I’ll admit that I gave that lesson virtually no effort, so the C is pretty good in that respect.

I’m not going to university, even though my original plan was to go to Liverpool and study Creative Writing (I think I’ll cover the reasons why I didn’t in a later post). Now, I have to decide whether I want to go to university next year and study something else, or carry on working.

It’s a tough question, that will probably take a few months of thought and constantly changing my mind to eventually come to a final decision.

In the meantime, have some inspirational lyrics from the Dutch band Epica in their song ‘Stay the Course’:

Stay the course
And regardless what the critics say
Seek your golden road
Stay the course
Be hard and fast
Reach out, achieve your goals
Chase your own dreams

And an unfathomably amazing acoustic performance by my favourite band of all time, Evanescence:


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